Money Exchange Soft

Moneyexchangesoft™ designed and developed by Oomsys™ technologies provides innovative IT solutions to global customers from 1999.

All in one secure solution for your Exchange & remittance solution

Intelligent money changing teller screen

The teller person or counter person of the money exchange will be guided to buy or sell currency with automated AML/MLR guidance, Risk profile management, suspicious transaction, Currency guidance including expired currency, with or without Denomination, currency transaction history, 30 days transaction, Black list live check, Watch list check and many more with fast currency exchange. Its a intelligent solution for CDD/ECDD/RBA/ODD/KYC and other.

Compliance monitor

Compliance monitor enable the compliance officer to do due diligence, Know your customer (KYC), check and request the transaction, approval and disapproval of transaction, book mark transaction, comments about transaction and few more fast and easy facilities with number of filters.

Approval mobile application

The approval mobile application will allow the Branch head, Head office mangers, compliance officers and administrators to monitor and approve the transaction on the go.

Branch management with multi currency accounts

Money exchange soft allow multi various money changing branch management with different internal accounts to manage the currency transaction, currency exchange, counter to counter transfer, branch to branch transfer.

Exchange rate management

Live exchange rate and manual exchange rate management depend on branch and time. Rates also can be set with margin for sale and buy rates to enable automated exchange rate transaction.

Report manager

Reports can be downloaded or print for your central bank without any other software or data entry, Profit and loss report, quarterly report, Closing balance, expenditure report and other 20 reports to manage your exchange transaction, staffs and expenditure.

Branch Creation and Management

Create a branch and have all the details of the branch at your finger tips. Map the activities and the employees for the branches at ease

Centralize currency system

Money exchange can be used as a centralized currency exchange system or one to one currency converter system.

Single process of multi currency conversion

From one foreign currency to another foreign currency conversation are made in single process which complies 100% with ur countries money regulation.

Whole Sale Money exchange

Whole sale money exchange transaction Including IC and Dealing room operations .

Currency purchase

Purchasing currency or converting currency from your central bath or through other norms. Money Exchange sale can be defined with different exchange rates for different branches within one single centralized software for business customers or private customers.

Currency monitor

Your system contain currency monitoring feature which check foreign currency and its different releases.

Currency notes auditing

The currency notes of each transaction are managed through an automated fast selection.

Exchange rates

Unlimited exchange rate sessions to have the exchange rates auditing and exchange rates analyze.

Blocked customers data

As per the international money regulation your country money regulation don’t allow certain customers money exchange, in this case tlis system will notify y0u details of unauthorized money exchange.

Currency Inter-Change with mobile approval

currency transfer between caunter, branches or account can be done with or with out approval. approval can be linked with mobile application.

Dynamic AML / MLR

As per the money regulation of your country, you as an end user will be guided to follow the AML l MLR in terms of money exchange.

Dynamic risk management

While performance a transaction rish level is automatically calculated and guidance is provided Miether to proceed to next level or Abort the whole transaction.

Currency Guide

Currency guide with currency notes images and currency release notes with tips to find the different between real currency and duplicate currency.

User management

The oomsys money exchange soft enable you to mange the users by providing different rights to different level of employees.

Basic HRM

HRM lite version manages the employees, address and contact details.

Basic CRM

Lite version of CRM enables grouping of customers by any number of groups.