About Us

Moneyexchangesoft™ is an all in one solution for all size of money exchange bureau or foreign exchange office. Moneyexchangesoft™ was designed and developed by Oomsys® technologies which provide the innovative IT service since 1999 to the global customers.

This innovative, secure solution is compatible of your money regulation authority and customizable to have the fast solution and the same time full filling the money exchange regulation of your countries money regulations.


Intelligent money changing teller screen

The teller person or counter person of the money exchange will be guided to buy or sell currency with... Read more

Compliance monitor

Compliance monitor enable the compliance officer to do due diligence, Know your customer (KYC), check... Read more

Approval mobile application

The approval mobile application will allow the Branch head, Head office mangers, compliance officers...Read more

Branch management with multi currency accounts

Money exchange soft allow multi various money changing branch management with different internal... Read more

Exchange rate management

Live exchange rate and manual exchange rate management depend on branch and time. Rates also...Read more

Report manager

Reports can be downloaded or print for your central bank without any other software or data entry, ... Read more